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folk, roots & Bluegrass

the band

Hummingbird Crossing is one of Saskatchewan's premiere acoustic ensembles, with toe-tapping bluegrass and folk for concerts, entertainment & festivities or church gospel/special music!


We are Helen Chang, Tim Mrazek, Jennifer Petriew and Vance Petriew and we play traditional & modern bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, acoustic folk, self-arranged selections from other genres as well as original material performed on acoustic instruments that include guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandolin and dobro, with sweet vocal harmonies!

Our first album, Charm, is out and is receiving lots of praise! The CD (yes, a CD! Old school enough to be just a bit behind the times digitally, presenting a physical disc in an attractively designed case! But not old school cassette/8-track enough to be eccentric or old school vinyl enough to be totally hip). This little gem features a collection of our own songs and a couple other favourites of ours we're certain you'll enjoy!

Tim and Helen also perform as a duo. More here.


our music

Charm - album cover
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Our new CD, Charm, is here!

CDs are $20CAD. You can pick up from members of the band (reach us here), or purchase at B Sharp Music, 1530 Albert Street. 


Need it mailed? Add $5 and we'll be happy to ship that to your door! Send us a message and we'll help make that happen for you!

Digital download only $15CAD. Email us!

Charm was recorded & produced in

Toronto Canada by Andrew Collins.



Hummingbird Crossing Bluegrass Band - Music Group

Hummingbird Crossing Bluegrass Band - Music Group

Hummingbird Crossing - band7053c
Hummingbird Crossing band-6968c
Hummingbird Crossing in Saskatoon
Hummingbird Crossing - SK
HBX - band
Hummingbird Crossing band-6923c
Hummingbird Crossing - Heritage Church performance 1
Hummingbird Crossing - Heritage Church performance 2
HBX in Pickin' it Country w/Reg Wilke
Hummingbird Crossing at Sunrise Library
HBX at the Exchange 1
HBX at the Exchange 2
HBX at the Exchange 3
HBX at the Exchange 3
HBX at the Exchange 5
HBX at the Exchange 6
At home
Helen & Tim
Music on the Lake
HBX Fort McMurray Fire Relief Concert
In Concert!
Gospel music at Christ Lutheran, Regina
Special appearance at Our Savior's Lutheran
Hummingbird Crossing - mandolin
Helen Chang, fiddle
At Ness Creek Bluegrass Camp
China Night Charity Gala
Christmas jam 1
Christmas jam 2
OSL Gospel Night 1
OSL Gospel Night 2
Duo at Rex Schneider Auditorium
Hummingbird Crossing - banjo
Tim's Guitars
Collector's Egg!
Hummingbird Crossing
Gospel Concert
Gospel Concert 2
Hummingbird Crossing at Christ Lutheran
It's time for Bluegrass Music!
Post-concert Musician's Jam
Clawhammer Banjo!
Hummingbird Crossing - guitar

the chang-mrazek duo

One half of Hummingbird Crossing, the duo of Chang and Mrazek focuses on repertoire from traditional bluegrass, bluegrass gospel and folk, as well as self-arranged selections from numerous genres. The singing of traditional duo harmonic lines paired with acoustic instruments creates an intimate sound that stirs the heart!


Helen Chang is a multi-instrumentalist / composer that performs fiddle, mandolin and a variety of other acoustic instruments. She's a former member of the Regina Symphony Orchestra (Fiddle. Um, rather, violin).  She's a keyboard specialist & church organist and has her ARCT in classical piano performance. She is alarmingly good at sight reading just about anything and has a knack for being able to learn new instruments quickly. (Which is both humbling and unnerving for her husband.)


Tim Mrazek is a multi-instrumentalist / composer who's collection includes non-bowed stringed instruments: guitars, banjo, the Chinese zhongruan, and other wee little fretted instruments. He also plays dobro and slide guitar. (Does ukulele count? Yeah, put that in there too even though he's never performed it in public. -Stuff with strings- Yeah.)  He progressed to ARCT level in classical guitar while earning a double major in music education and guitar performance. He's had less than stellar results with other instruments including trombone and clarinet. His mother thought he'd best learn some music theory through a keyboard instrument. Around the age of ten, he poorly chose accordion over piano on the conditional prerequisite to learning guitar. He thought it would be easier. (Yeah, right). That lasted an ambivalent 6 weeks and the end result was a sound akin to playing with gloves on. All he wanted to do was play guitar. Mothers, please, let your boy play that rock'n'roll.

Relaxing with some music!
Gospel Music Concert
50th Anniversary Concert
Charity Pie Social
Cathedral Village Arts Festival 1
cvaf2_edCathedral Village Arts Festival 2ited_edited
At the Northern Lights Bluegrass Music Camp 1
At the Northern Lights Bluegrass Music Camp 2440_edited
St. John's Lutheran Heritage Church
Christmas music jam
St. John's Lutheran Heritage Church 2
Our Savior's Lutheran Gospel Night
Luther College: Women's Spring Connection
Regina Beach Festival

chang-mrazek listening samples


contact us!

Hummingbird Crossing Bluegrass Band and the Chang-Mrazek music duo are available for a variety of functions and venues.

Thanks for your interest!



Katherine Chang 306.525.5027


Tim Mrazek

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